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About Us

Learn More about 121 Coffee Run

A Local Coffee Shop with a Local Feel

121 Coffee Run is locally owned & operated by Kevin & Aryn Callarman and Skye WilliamsWe are serial entrepreneurs and support other small businesses through and through. A few of our goals are to be an asset to our communities, to support other business owners, and give our team an awesome place to work. We are deeply invested in our community. We love to use local products like coffee beans from Mad Goat Coffee & Gobena Coffee and dairy products from Kilgus Farms. 

Our History


We purchased our favorite local coffee shop in May 2020, right at the beginning of the pandemic. Slowly but surely our business grew and we expanded into Harristown and then shortly after into Moweaqua. In January 2023, we expanded again on the south side of Decatur. We are grateful to be located in these wonderful communities. 


Thank you for your support and we hope to see you soon!

What People Are Saying About 121 Coffee Run

About the baristas: 

The service is excellent and the drinks are delicious. I've tried lots of coffee shops and this is by far the best. - Sarah J

The people are oh so friendly .They know me and my drink!! I get the same 99% of the time and they are working on it when I walk in if they see me pull up!! - Beth T

I love the thought that goes into the monthly drink specials. Each location is staffed well and always clean and inviting. - Lauren D

121 is amazing. They are the sweetest people you will ever meet. - Dominick Q

The staff at 121 is always so kind to me, and is most of the reason that I love making it a part of my day to stop by. It's a bonus that the drinks are delicious!! - Kate W

About the menu: 

121 Coffee Run is inclusive to all. If you have dietary restrictions, whether they be allergies or just because you are watching what you eat, they have many options, most of which taste exactly like the originals. - Amber N

The Variety on their menu is what originally brought me in. I can take anyone I know there and find something they would like. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love being able to get a lotus drink or hot chocolate when I need a pick me up. - Tarika R

121 Coffee Run always has options for all! - Madison H

121 is very friendly when it comes to customization on drinks. Most of their drinks you can get sugar free or dairy free. Their bacon, egg, and cheese bagels are my favorite!!!! - Tiffany F

I love seeing the new creative drinks every month! The variety and flavor combinations always have me looking forward to the start of each month so that i can find another new favorite. - Ashton D

121 has mastered the art of cold foam! - Cynthia S

About 121 Coffee Run in general:

It doesn't matter what time of day, my mood, or how extreme the weather. I can always find something satisfying at 121 Coffee Run. Thankful for our local coffee shop. - Elaine S

Love everything about 121! - Jeana G

I love everything about 121 Coffee Run, but here's the thing. It's not just about coffee, drinks, and food. Aryn has created a community around her shops. Aryn created an inclusive enviornment with intentional care. From her hiring choices to her menu, it's obvious that everyone is welcome and everyone has a litany of options. We are lucky to have 121 in Decatur and our surrounding communities. - Scarlett W

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