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Special Delivery from 121 Coffee Run

121 Comes to You!

We deliver lunch to teachers and faculty at a different school or business each day. Add your items to your cart, then go to the deliveries tab and add your school to the cart. This is how we know where to deliver your order.


PLEASE NOTE: The order will say ready for pickup on counter, but this is incorrect. If you have selected your school or business, you’re good to go!


If your school or business would like to have coffee, breakfast, or lunch delivered, please contact us.

If your school or business is on this list, order from the Warrensburg location:

Argenta-Oreana Elementary - Monday

Cancer Care Specialists - Monday

Creative Kids Daycare - Friday

Decatur Christian School - Monday

Franklin Grove Elementary - Monday & Friday

Futures/Milligan Academy - Friday

Garfield - Friday

Kids N Fitness North - Friday

Lighthouse Autism Center - Friday

Longview Community Bank - Thursday

Maroa-Forsyth Grade School - Wednesday

Mason & Mason Dentist - Thursday

Mt. Pulaski School District - Thursday

Mt. Pulaski Public Library - Thursday

(open to all residents of Mt. Pulaski. Order by

8:30am on Thursdays and select library delivery.

Pick up at the library at 9:15.) 

Mt. Zion School District - Tuesday

Neca IBEW - Wednesday 

Parson's Elementary - Friday

Pershing Early Learning - Wednesday

Sangamon Valley Intermediate & Middle - Wednesday

Tri City - Tuesday

Stephen Decatur Middle School - Friday

St. Patrick's School - Friday

St. Paul's School - Friday

Warrensburg-Latham School District - Friday

Zion Lutheran School - Thursday

If your school or business is on this list, order from the Harristown location:

Baum Elementary - Thursday

Heritage Behavioral Health - Tuesday

Hickory Point Bank Downtown - Tuesday

Hope Academy - Tuesday

John's Hill - Thursday

Montessori Academy for Peace - Thursday

Muffley Elementary - Wednesday

Sangamon Valley Primary School - Wednesday

If your school or business is on this list, order from the Decatur/South Route 48 location:

ADM City Center - Wednesday

Decatur Dental - Thursday

Dennis - Friday

Holy Family - Friday

Kids N Fitness South - Friday

Macon County Health Department - Wednesday

South Shores Elementary School - Thursday

If your school or business is on this list, order from the Moweaqua location:

Central A&M Gregory & High School - Thursday

CAM Bond - Wednesday

CAM MS - Wednesday

Kemmerer Village - Thursday

Meridian Elementary - first Wednesday

Meridian Middle & High School - Friday

Delivery FAQs

How do I sign up my workplace for delivery?

-Please submit the contact us form on the website or send a Facebook message.

What is the minimum order?

-$40 per location (not per person)

I'm signed up and know my delivery time & day. How do I add delivery to my cart?

-Delivery is added to your cart as an item. It's located next to the hot drink tab. Select your school/business and add it to the cart. The checkout screen will show your order as a pickup, but we will know it's for delivery. 

My order says ready to pickup, but I added my school/business to my cart as an item. Will my order get delivered?

- Yes! As long as you have added your delivery item to your cart, we know to deliver!

My gift card won't load to Joe. 

- 121 Coffee Run gift cards are not compatible with Joe, since Joe is a 3rd Party system. If you are having trouble with a Joe gift card, please send a contact form for further assistance. 

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